Routine Maintenance


My wife can testify that I’m about as routined as a person can get. My grandfather passed this trait to my mom, she gave it to me, and I either blessed or cursed my third daughter with it. Greenwich doesn’t set its time by Admiral Boom anymore. The world synchronizes to Brenna’s 2 PM snack.

Routine is good, especially if decision fatigue plagues your life. Many leaders eat the same lunch or wear the same outfit every day. The routine reduces stress and provides stability. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson calls it his “anchor.” He wakes up every day around 4 AM to work out, not matter what. He uses that time to focus and rejuvenate. Using this focus, he’s transitioned from professional wrestling to acting with incredible success.

Routine works.

My vital routines are the first and last things I do each day. Both are related to my most important relationships. First, I sit down at my kitchen table at 6 AM to have my quiet time. Second, Donna and I go to bed together every night. (Calm down. This isn’t that type of post.)

Other than knowing Jesus, my most important relationship is with Donna. Over the years, we’ve figured out the importance of going to bed at the same time. We look forward to it each night. Before we fall asleep, we talk about whatever comes to mind. Our girls have told us that they can hear us laughing. Everything is funnier when you’re sleepy. It’s our anchor. The girls are in bed, the sound of a running dishwasher signals the day’s end, and we can unwind.

I recommend that you and your spouse find a time in your day for just the two of you. God made you one flesh. That connection must be maintained or the relationship withers. Maybe it’s the early morning hours, or the middle of the day, or last thing at night. Whenever that time is, make the most of it. Listen. Laugh. Support.

While Donna is priority over every other human, nothing is more important than my relationship with Jesus. If I’m not growing in Him, then I can’t be the husband I need to be. So, each morning at 6 AM, I sit down with my coffee and my Bible. I don’t do anything fancy. I use three bookmarks, starting in Genesis, Job, and Matthew. I begin my devotion by reading a chapter in the New Testament. Next, I pray. Finally, I read my two Old Testament chapters. As simple as that sounds, without this time I would dry up spiritually. God called me to be a pastor. I am continually preaching and teaching His Word. If I didn’t have a consistent quiet time, my own soul would be malnourished.

Naturally, your routine will be different than mine. I’m not sure how many of you have a Kylo Ren coffee mug to use during your private devotions.  However, if you know Christ, our relational priorities are the same. Take control of your day. Find your routine. Grow.

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